What is a Loss Assessor ?

Why should I need a Loss Assessor?

The only reason why anyone effects insurance is against the possibility of a claim. So when a claim does arise you have the right to expect that your Insurance Company will deal with it in a sympathetic manner and in such a way that does not leave you financially disadvantaged.

Sadly, the reality is often very different. In dealing with a claim of any size, the Insurance Company will appoint a LOSS ADJUSTER or representative. He is ENGAGED  and PAID by the Insurance Company. There are always grey areas Claims assessing is not an exact science and there are many instances where there is no absolute answer to the way a claim for a particular item should be settled. Human nature being what it is, the Loss Adjuster is likely to lean towards his principals, the Insurance Company. Claims could be for Water Damage, Business Interruption etc.

LOSS ASSESSORS charge a fee agreed with you in advance, for the work undertaken ON YOUR BEHALF.

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